Sun-Blocking Fabrics

Slow-Rise™ Day Shades offer 3 solar screen fabric color choices and features a 4-ply black-out linen embossed vinyl. There are 4 Nite Shade fabric color choices that easily color co-ordinate with your coach’s interior.

Features Slow-Rise™ Technology

Slow-Rise™ features hydraulic speed reducers and auto-stops allow for a smooth operation and automatic stopping points. With color coded adjustment wheels you can control the rise speed and upper limit stop points.

Privacy & Light Control

Slow-Rise™ Day and Nite Shade’s feature two levels of light control. Day shades block 95% of the suns UV rays yet still lets light in. The sun won’t fade out your coach’s interior. Nite Shades are total blackout, sun or light. Your neighbors can’t see in. You can have total confidence in the evening when you want privacy with Slow-Rise™ Nite Shades.

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