Window Shade Installation

If the top valance box is deep enough, you may be able to install shade with the valance box still up. Simply install the flat bracket (with quick release clip facing the interior of the coach) onto the shade, and screw to valance box using a long screw bit.  This won’t work for all installations. The second option is to take the box down and install mounting bracket to top of valance box. Then “click” in the shade. For both applications mount the shade within 3/8″ of the window. Brackets on either application should be within 2″ of the ends of the shade.

Before installing your roller shades, make sure you have the correct number of mounting brackets. (Shade-Man does not supply screws for mounting the brackets.)
Shade Size:

  • Up to 32″ – 2 Mounting Brackets
  • 33″ to 50″ – 3 Mounting Brackets
  • 51″ to 76″ – 4 Mounting Brackets
  • Windshield Shades – 6 Mounting Brackets (1 at each end and 4 spaced accordingly)